World Pancreatic Cancer Day

Are there risk factors and warning signs?

Who belongs to the risk group?

Men and women are equally affected. For example, smoking, alcohol, excess weight, age, diabetes, medicines and also diseases within the family are among the most common risk factors.

There are often warning signs, to which one does not pay the necessary care and attention. Pain in the upper abdomen, back pain, sugar deviations, diabetes, jaundice, nausea, unwanted weight loss, diarrhoea, fatty stools and deep leg thromboses are some of them.

Disease of the pancreas is a serious problem due to the often late discovery of the malignant and ill treatable tumour. Here it is important and sensible to have unclear complaints that persist for a longer period of time and could indicate a pancreatic disease, clarified by a specialist for just such diseases.

What are the risk factors?

Risk factor obesity
Risk factor diabetes
Risk factor smoking
Risk factor alcohol
Risk factor family history
Family history
Risk factor genetics
Genetic factors